Discipline of Paediatric Surgery

Postgraduate Meetings

Postgraduate Meetings

Department of Paediatric Surgery



july to december 2014

Wednesdays, 08h00-09h15


Venue – Staff Training & Development

 Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital


02 July

Disorders of intestinal rotation

Dr Madziba

09 July

Anorectal malformations: management outcome Dr Govender

16 July

Evaluation of DSD’s

Dr Harilal

23 July

Outreach: plans & pit falls

Dr Manickchund

30 July

Amended algorithms: Jehovah’s Witnesses

Mike Summerton

06 August


Dr Hayes – Jordan

13 August


Dr Hayes –Jordan

20 August

Branchial arches & pouch pathology

Dr Sewlall

27 August

Head injuries in children

Mr M.Du Trevou

03 September

Trauma: children are different

Mr NC.Campell

10 September

Replacing the Oesophagus: when and with what ?

Dr Sewlall

17 September

  GIpolyps: investigation and management

Mr Sheik Gafoor

24 September

Public Holiday: Heritage Day

01 October

Wilms Tumour  other renal tumours of childhood

Dr Luthuli

08 October

Hydronephrosis: investigation and management

Dr Madziba

15 October

HIV and Paediatric Surgeon

Dr Harilal

22 October

Nutrition in Paed,Surgical patients

Ms O Nomlala

29 October

End of life management

Dr Ambler

05 November

Hypospadiology in Durban: management and outcome

Dr Jonker

12 November

Biliary atresia

Mr Maharaj

19 November

Pyloric stenosis in Africa

Dr Luthuli

26 November

Short bowel syndrome: what can we do ?

Dr Manickchund

03 December

Compartment pressures &syndromes

Dr Jonker

10 December

GORD: who should get what ?

Dr Bairagi

17 December

Selected igNobel awards

Prof Hadley